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Why Is Early Childhood Education Important For Personality Development
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why Is Early Childhood Education Important For Personality Development

Neurological researches prove that most children actually begin to learn even before they’re born hence they can recognize their mother’s voice or how else could a 2 months old baby know whether his/her mother’s there or not. The first three years of a child’s life are known to have the most accelerated brain growth, with more than a million correlations forming every second. Therefore, the early development of children is being heavily emphasized on these days.

Children are known to be learners and adapters from the very beginning. Initially, they learn by observing, then imitating, and later, by retaining information and performing actions.

For early and appropriate development of children, it is necessary to enroll them in learning centers as early as 3 years of age, so that they are better groomed and developed when they go to schools and beyond.

Emotional and Social Development

Every child starts cultivating social and emotional traits from the very beginning, from crying when hungry to giggling when tickled, even babies of just 4 months are much aware of their surroundings. Since children are just starting to develop these traits, it’s recommended to make sure that they are guided properly. It is important to nurture social skills in a child with not just the parents but all those around them. Therefore, a local preschool is a good option where interactions with teachers and other children would help foster social growth of a child.

Along with social skills, early learning also enhances various personal and psychological qualities in the child. Traits like patience, respect, confidence and self-worth. Children since being exposed to an environment other than their home learn to adjust to new surroundings, they also learn to respect and share with other children and also develop self-confidence.

Since children get exposed to the concept of diversity and acceptance early on in their lives, so when they grow up, they are more accepting and welcoming towards those who are different from them in any way as they have learnt to work and play together during the years having the most impact on a child’s social and emotional development

With the first few years of a child’s life being so crucial for their development, it is only wise to accept the fact that given today’s fast paced and competitive lifestyle, it can no longer be considered a taboo sending a 3 year old to pre-school. Children as young as 3 years of age are enrolled into pre-school across the country to ensure that they are being equipped with the skills and personality traits that will help them later in life.

Pre-schools or early learning centers also explore the many dimensions to a child’s personality, that is, it can be determined early on if a child has ADHD or is autistic. The primary benefit of discovering such conditions this early is that it makes it easier for parents and teachers to understand the child and take any measures necessary for their further development.

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