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Meet Our Boards


Our board members are business and
community leaders who are responsible for
the governance, direction and fiscal oversight
of The Children’s Home.


Our Board of Trustees

Our board members are business and community leaders from all walks of life and are responsible for the governance, strategic direction and fiscal oversight of The Children’s Home. The board oversees the formation of policy directed toward the development and operation of the organization.

2018-2019 Board of Trustees

  • Lawrence A. Glassmann, Esq., Chair
  • William Fee, Vice Chair
  • John Langenderfer, Vice Chair
  • John (Tad) Lawrence III, Vice Chair
  • Joseph Dominiak, Secretary
  • Anthony Hobson, Treasurer
  • Karen Bankston, Ph.D
  • William D. de Buys, M.D.
  • Sharon Williams Frisbie
  • Robert S. Heidt Jr., M.D.
  • Terence L. Horan
  • Adrienne C. James, Ed. D
  • Velissarios Karacostas, M.D.
  • Jeffrey March
  • Susan L. McElroy, M.D.
  • Mark Mercurio
  • Patrick Nelson
  • Rhonda Sheakley
  • Steve Shaknaitis
  • Pam Sibcy
  • Greg Vollmer

Honorary Life Trustees

  • Stephen L. Black, Esq.
  • Michael A. Coombe
  • Sharon Williams Frisbee
  • Joseph H. Head Jr.
  • John (Tad) Lawrence III
  • Sharon J. Mitchell
  • Robert Taft II
  • Ross E. Wales, Esq.

Ambassador Board

Our Ambassador Board is an energetic, effective and highly engaged group of supporters who increase awareness of our mission and assist program staff with their work. Members offer professional knowledge and skills for fundraising events, marketing initiatives, and various other special projects, while gaining valuable volunteer and leadership experience.
  • Kevin Carter, Chair
  • Adam Braunscheidel, Chair – Engagement Committee
  • Tim Kerdolff, Chair – Membership Committee
  • Tom Conner, Past Chair
  • Sarah Soule, Chair – Fundraising
  • Jeff Becze
  • Tara Braunscheidel
  • Stephanie Campbell
  • Elise Elam
  • Augustus Flotman
  • Chris Green
  • Robbie Hendricks
  • Jim Hobson
  • Bojan Lazic
  • Scott Lyle
  • Rebecca Lyons
  • Nick Milazzo
  • Jaci Overmann
  • Joe Ropp
  • Kiana Trabue
  • Lily Turner
  • Graham Vollmer
  • Tony Verticchio
  • Roger Williams
  • Matt Worminton

Planned Giving Council

  • Ramon Rodriguez (Chair)
  • Richard Batterberry
  • Adam Braunscheidel
  • Robert Buechner
  • John Campbell
  • Richard Flynn, CPA
  • Ali Hussain
  • John Schiff III

Health Advisory Council

The Health Advisory Council members are community stakeholders who have an expertise and interest in the healthcare field. Through the sharing of professional knowledge and their experience in healthcare systems and practices, the Advisory members are influencing the evolution of integrated care at The Children’s Home.
  • William DeBuys, MD, Chair
  • Karen Bankston, Ph.D.
  • Stephanie Byrd
  • Karen Campbell
  • Michael Coombe
  • Marilyn Crumpton, MD, MPH
  • Greg Ebel
  • Dee Ellingwood
  • George Glover
  • Brook Gumm
  • Velissarios Karacostas, MD
  • Kate Keller
  • Bill Kent
  • John Langenderfer
  • Lauren Niemes
  • Jonas Thom
  • Roger Williams





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