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Drug & Alcohol Counseling



Co-Occurring Substance Use & Mental Health Program

Our specialized treatment for adolescent recovery (STAR) program is a community-based initiative designed for teens ages 13 through 18 with co-occurring mental health and substance use issues. It’s the only program of its kind in the area. By integrating mental health care with substance use counseling, we support children and families in a profound and meaningful way.

Typically, youth with a dual diagnosis must receive separate treatment from separate therapists and treatment professionals, often at different locations. The STAR program increases the likelihood of long-term recovery by providing a centralized option that integrates the goals of mental health and substance use treatment into one location.

Treatment includes individual, family, and group counseling, case management, crisis support and medication management. Parenting workshops are also available. Participants receive treatment and intensive programming for approximately 6 months, and families are actively engaged as members of their child’s recovery team.

STAR’s professional staff of licensed therapists and caseworkers use the 7 Challenges Model, an evidence-based program designed specifically for adolescents with substance use problems and mental health challenges. Staff is also certified as a sponsor site for the Teaching-Family Model®, an evidence-based behavior modification practice that teaches at-risk children to improve their behaviors and social skills.

Alcohol and drug use among our nation’s youth remains a major public health problem. Substance use and abuse can increase the risk for injuries, violence, HIV infection, and other diseases.

In the 2011 CDC survey for the state of Ohio
  • 23.7% of youth claim to have had 5 or more drinks of alcohol in a row within a couple of hours at least 1 day. (vs. 21.9% the national average)
  • 42.8% of youth claim to have used marijuana one or more time (during their life) vs. 39.9 as the national average
  • 23.6% of youth claim to have used marijuana one or more times (23.1% national average)
  • 7% of youth claim to have used a form of cocaine one or more times (6.8% national average)
  • 3.1% of youth claim to have used heroin one or more times (2.9% national average)
  • 3.8% of youth claim to have ever took steroid pills or shots without a doctor’s prescription one or more times (3.6% national average)
  • 3.2% of youth claimed to have used a needle to inject any illegal drug into their body one or more times (2.3% national average)
  • 24.3% of Ohio youth claimed to offered, sold, or was given an illegal drug by someone on school property (25.6% national average)

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