Partial Hospitalization Therapeutic Group Leader

Posted on May 24, 2016 · Posted in Careers Behavioral

Provides supervision and teaching for children in the assigned program. Works as part of a team of providers to support the social, educational and treatment goals for assigned group of 8-10 children. Assumes responsibility for planning, facilitation and documentation of client treatment groups.

Position Overview:
The Children’s Home Partial Hospitalization program serves children from age 8 to 18 with significant mental health and behavioral challenges. The program is designed to provide therapeutic support and educational instruction to the children in small group settings on The Children’s Home campus. Half of the child’s day is focused on treatment services, both in individual and group settings. The other half of the day is academic instruction. Each Therapeutic Group Leader is assigned a group of children for which they provide primary support—orientation to the program, developing a treatment plan, and regular collaboration with the family. Therapeutic Group Leaders are trained in the Teaching Family Model to teach children skills needed for success across all environments. Therapeutic Group Leaders also provide treatment groups to address social, emotional and behavioral well-being.