What Others Say

Kids have a way with words. Particularly
when it comes to life altering experiences. And
while each child’s situation is distinct, they all
share a common thread – genuine appreciation
of The Children’s Home, its staff and supporters.


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Hear from some of our friends, families and fans.



Here at The Children’s Home, it makes me feel good to know that people care about us … that there is someone believing that we can be successful even though we are working on our behavior.

I learned a lot at The Children’s Home. Last year I didn’t know how to read and now I do.

I went to The Children’s Home and it changed my life. I’m grateful now that my mom put me there.

The Children’s Home helps you get your issues and problems in order and guide you the right way.

Kids like me really do make improvements here at The Children’s Home.

The Children’s Home is different because the people here care about me.

The Children’s Home staff never gave up on me.



Our son needs structure, individual attention, friends, consistency. He’s found it all and more as a student at The Children’s Home.

Thank you to The Children’s Home for your comprehensive, intelligent, and enjoyable evaluation of my daughter. With your impressive diagnosis, we can proceed with confidence!

My daughter’s grades were bad and now, at The Children’s Home, she’s received academic and attendance awards. She was elected as vice president of the student council.

Thanks to The Children’s Home, our son is now able to function in his district school. In fact, he’s student of the month!

Your kindness, interest, and support at The Children’s Home are superb. Our whole family appreciates your help.



If the child is happy at school, the chances of his or her being happy at home increase. This is another positive outcome of children receiving services from The Children’s Home.

Jesse has made great progress at The Children’s Home – it was a good investment in his education.

Cincinnati is very blessed to have such a fabulous organization (as The Children’s Home) for children!

These children at The Children’s Home feel your (donors’ and supporters’) presence…it means the world to them.

When students at The Children’s Home see these (Class Champion donor recognition) signs over their classroom doors, they realize that people are investing in their future. Most have never had this support. They are shocked that people who don’t even know them really care about them.

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