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The Children’s Home Receives Donation From Ski For Humanity

POSTED ON: 07/15/2016

This week, we received a check from members of Ski for Humanity, a group of friends who take an annual ski trip and raise money for a different charity each
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The Cincinnati Horticultural Society’s Flower Show Gala Benefits The Children’s Home

POSTED ON: 07/05/2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: July 5, 2016 CONTACT: Deatra Greene-Ndiaye (513) 527-7294 direct THE CHILDREN’S HOME of CINCINNATI: The Cincinnati Horticultural Society’s Flower Show Gala Benefits The Children’s Home The
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The Children’s Home of Cincinnati Announces New Board Chair

POSTED ON: 06/10/2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: June 9th , 2016 CONTACT: Deatra Greene-Ndiaye (513) 527-7294 direct THE CHILDREN’S HOME OF CINCINNATI The Children’s Home of Cincinnati is pleased to announce today
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The Children’s Home of Cincinnati Expands Early Childhood Day Treatment Program

POSTED ON: 05/05/2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: May 05, 2016 CONTACT: Deatra Greene-Ndiaye (513) 527-7294 direct THE CHILDREN’S HOME of CINCINNATI Expands Early Childhood Day Treatment Program Cincinnati, OH — The Children’s
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A sequence of traumatic life events shut down this 5-year-old. Fortunately, the breaking point occurred in front of a pediatrician who referred his mom to The Children’s Home. Today, Jackson’s anxieties are under control and his mom is truly grateful.

Jackson’s mom:

Before The Children’s Home, Jackson suffered from a lot of anxiety and a lot of emotional problems. We went for his yearly pediatrician check-up and he had an outburst in the doctor’s office and the doctor referred him to The Children’s Home.

When we started him with counseling, they right away recognized that he had anxiety and right away started on methods to deal with it and control it. One of the methods is “belly breathing” so whenever he felt anxious, he would start belly breathing and that helped him a lot.


You’re supposed to put your hand on your belly and lay down and then you’re supposed to breathe.

Jackson’s therapist:

In the beginning he was very timid … he was kind of to himself. We had to push him to interact with the other kids and to learn how to make friends.

Jackson’s mom:

To help him control his anxiety, they referred him to the Early Childhood Day Treatment program at The Children’s Home. And right away, when he started that, he had no issues getting on the van and going to the program.

Jackson’s therapist:

He really did well one-on-one with staff, so if we noticed that he was struggling a little bit or struggling with talking to the other kids, we’d pull him aside and talk one-on-one with him and give him some pointers and he would practice. He was excellent at practicing.


I learned to say to people if I did something … to say I’m sorry and do you accept my apology.

Jackson’s mom:

Life is amazing now. He controls his anxiety. He identifies what he’s feeling and processes it.


I usually just tell my mom, ‘Can I go in my room for a little bit?’ and I go in my room and play with toys and it makes me calm down.

Jackson’s therapist:

Just taking the time to form a bond with the kids, show them that we care, work one-on-one with them … we form a relationship with them and they learn to trust us. They learn to trust other adults as Jackson did … and that’s one of the reasons he’s doing so well in school.

Jackson’s mom:

They’re (The Children’s Home) not only there for the child, they’re there for you as a family.

Jackson’s therapist:

He’s an amazing student.

Jackson’s mom:

Seeing him overcome that obstacle made me so proud of him. I love you (to Jackson).


Amazing stories. Created daily.

Summertime is challenging for all children. Many are left at home unsupervised and all lose more than two months of reading and learning. Lucky for Tyler his Mom discovered Camp-I-Can at The Children’s Home. Here, he gets to be a kid, be safe and continue learning.

I’ve been coming to this summer camp since 2012. First I was kind of shy and didn’t know if I would make any friends. I made a friend. His name is Chris. I made another friend. His name is Quincy. He was kind of lonely but then I got to know him and we’re really good friends.

Here at the summer camp, we would go swimming, we’d play dodge ball sometimes. We also went on field trips like to the Fun Factory and to the museum. Being at camp you learn things like discipline, like it’s not okay to hit anybody, or argue. We all need to get along with everybody. Even if you don’t like them, you still have to respect them. It (camp) teaches that you can do things, like don’t ever doubt yourself. You can do anything as long as you put your mind to it.

There’s really no camp like Camp-I-Can. If it wasn’t for Camp-I-Can, I would just be sitting at home doing nothing. I’m really looking forward to it (camp this year).

Amazing stories. Created daily.

Bullying. Scorn. Dakotah faced both every school day due to his autism. With no friends and a school system that couldn’t accommodate, Dakotah’s family enrolled him at The Children’s Home. Here, he’s not only thrived, but also made friends and earned a diploma.

If I’d stayed at a public school, I would probably have dropped out because of bullies. At my other school, the staff didn’t have the capability of dealing with people with autism. And the students didn’t really understand kids with autism.

Here at The Children’s Home, you have friends. Everybody is your friend here. The staff is great. They’re nice. They’ll help you with the work. History classes, science classes, cooking classes – all of those wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t come here. Like I’m reading the book Eragon right now. I mean I’m having problems with it (the book), I’m getting help here with it, but I’m reading it. I’m graduating. That’s a big thumbs-up.

I got what I needed here and it’s great to be here.

Amazing stories. Created daily.

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We had a blast celebrating summer with our friends and neighbors! Check out a few highlights from our first annual Madisonville Community Picnic, held at The Children’s Home of Cincinnati. We were so excited to be able to host our community on our campus.

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